Cookie policy

Today, cookies are used on virtually all websites. In many cases, cookies may be necessary to provide a service on the website.

A cookie is a small data file stored on the user's computer to enable websites to recognize the computer. Among other things, cookies can be used to prepare statistics of the way users' navigate on the website.

A cookie is a passive file and it cannot retrieve information from the user's computer or spread computer viruses or other harmful programs.


Why do we provide information about cookies?

All Danish websites are obliged to provide information about the cookies that are created on the user's equipment. The information must be in accordance with the ”Danish Executive Order on information requirements and consent in connection with the storing of and access to information on end users' terminal equipment”.

Read the Executive Order (in Danish)

See the guidelines here


On, we use cookies to find out how our website is used and for marketing purposes. The statistical data is anonymous and cannot be related to named users.


We use the following types of cookies:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks the way the user navigates on the website. The various methods used are listed below:

  • utma - tracks the number of times you have visited a site
  • utmb and utmc cookies work together to calculate the time you spend on the website during each session.
  • utmz - tracks the search engine from which you came to the site and the search criteria you set up to find the site.

The webmaster uses the statistics from Google Analytics to improve our website in terms of ease of use.


Google Adwords – search engine advertising

With Cookies from Google Adwords it is possible to track the effect of the ads shown on Google in connection with searches. These ads should be as relevant as possible, and cookies enable us to see whether the user found the wanted site, product or information.

They will also help adjust Google searches over time to make user searches more effective.

Google Adwords cookies can be used in remarketing campaigns on Google Display Network. Adwords cookies are stored for 30 days.

Read more about Google Analytics' security policy


SiteCore Analytics

Tracks the user's navigation. Can be used to show the user personalised content based on the user's navigation on the site. The he various methods used are listed below:

Sitecore Digital Marketing System

Use: Stores basic computer info such as repeat visits, site use, the country from which the user visits the page.

Type: utma, utmb, utmz.


Sitecore Analytics cookies

Use ID numbers to track user navigation on the site.

Read more about Sitecore's security policy



Stay on website

If the user clicks on a link from a mobile site to a website, cookies are set to ensure that, when returning, the user stays on the website instead of the mobile version.

Session cookie

Marketing cookies

These cookies are used for statistic purposes and collect data regarding your behavior on and other sites in ad networks we use for advertising.  



You can delete unwanted cookies under your browser's web settings.


How to avoid cookies?

Click the below links to read more about how to avoid cookies in the most common browsers:


Any further questions?

You are welcome to contact us at if you have any further questions about cookies on our website.