Our mission: Letter from the founder

Our mission: Letter from the founder


Today’s constantly changing business landscape requires of companies to always put their best foot forward. Managing a successful business means constantly worrying about what your audience needs, trying to nurture your leads and keep the existing customers satisfied, and coming up with compelling offers to broaden your customer base.

Although there has never been an easier time to achieve this in terms of available means and technology to connect with potential buyers and partners, gaining and keeping the customers’ attention is far from an easy affair.

One thing is certain – keeping an active online presence is imperative if a business is to maintain a competitive edge, especially for smaller companies for which each customer counts.

The problem is, creating and promoting your own webpage can be hard, and trying to climb up the search engine ladder using SEO is extremely time-consuming. Not to mention that and all those paid social media ads can be easily lost in the buzz of everyday status updates, photos, and other ads.

That’s why we decided to create a place where companies and clients can meet up, exchange opinions, and create a bond – all that without the everyday social media clutter standing in the way of developing strong and fruitful relationships.


Our mission is to create a hub where companies that are looking to connect to a particular target audience and customers who are searching for a particular type of product can connect and build relationships in a sustainable, hustle-free way.

We stay true to this mission by fine-tuning our services according to the latest market developments and the changing customer needs.

Now, of course, with so many things to juggle, we might get blinded by our visions (we are human after all). So, if there is anything you didn’t find, or if you did not get what you expected from us, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service, and we will do everything in our power to help you with your inquiry.

Best regards,
Jens Schmidt